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Carmon has been creating quilts for over twenty-five years. He has designed quilts for exhibitions, quilts that hang on the wall, functional quilts for the bedroom, even large quilts that grace church sanctuaries. His pieces have appeared in art shows throughout the country. His quilts make statements, bring comfort and warmth to the home, and provide inspiration.

Each quilt is designed for a specific purpose, with the fabrics and embellishments thoughtfully selected to create a work of art. Carmon enjoys creating all kinds of quilts whether they hang on the wall or cover the bed.

Three Panels
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames, Iowa
Each panel is 6' x 12'

"The Healing Series"

"Isle Moon"
7.5" x 10.5"

"Feathered Field
"46" x 54"

"The Healing Series"

Waterloo National Bank Collection
Waterloo, Iowa
Approximately 3' x 5'

"Le Fleur"
43" x 43"

"Wind Song"
95" x 101"

"Mountain Flower Quilt"
King Size

"Ethnic Cleansing"
Social Commentary Series
18" x 18"

"The Healing Series"

"The Healing Series"

Social Commentary Series
19" x 19"

"Where You Wear The Heart"
Social Commentary Series
18.5" x 19"

Personal Collection
52" x 79"

"We Care"
Social Commentary Series
24" x 24"





Carmon Slater
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