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About Carmon

"The real, but seemingly abstract relationship between the macroscopic and microscopic world is a constant force in my work, having spent many hours looking through microscopes and being keenly interested in outer space and its exploration.  I am concerned about the interrelationships of all organisms in their environment and the importance of each within the context of that environment.  I guess I often think about the judgments our own species makes about that sensitive relationship and the often fallacious assumptions on which we make them, both politically and economically.

In my grappling with these issues in my work, I utilize both old and new artistic techniques, approached with a contemporary twist.  Contrasts are explored, lines are direct or subtle, and organic, rhythmic flow meets with a contrapuntal wedge.  There is an integration of texture, color, pattern, form, and line quality which creates visual language and metaphor."

Pearl S. Buck writes, "The artist and the scientist have much in common.  They are profoundly interdependent. They share the creative mind, the irresistible undying need to explore and to know.  Perhaps the artist goes one step further.  For him, the need is also to understand, and understanding, to explain mankind, even to itself." 

Carmon has appeared in numerous magazine articles, including the Surface Design Journal and American Craft, as well as many newspaper articles. He has curated exhibitions around various art or craft media and has juried art fairs, as well as awards for exhibitors.

Carmon started doing floor canvases twenty years ago without even knowing there was such a long history to them. Interest has rekindled during this span of time and Carmon has created many commissioned pieces relating to given environments. He works from color swatches, paint chips, and color photographs of the site. Customers often find it difficult to even think about walking on this art, but they are far more durable, with proper care, than imagined. Probably even more durable than many other floor coverings.

His concerns for esthetics of an entire area led his work to grow into fabrics for window coverings, tables, and upholstery. He uses good quality canvas, pigments, and appropriate sealants; prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the design. Each is hand painted. The colors are as long lasting as any pigment can be.

Carmon also likes to restore old classic pieces of furniture, especially those of the 20's and 30's. Given a photo of the furniture with dimensions, a suitable yardage can be customized, then you can have your favorite upholsterer bring these pieces back to a new look and new life.

Carmon has developed a unique process for creating window coverings that turns canvas into stained glass. Some of the layers disappear and reappear as the light changes.

His many clients will attest to the individuality and creativity he brings to each custom project.  A supreme colorist, Carmon instinctively knows to bring out or blend in to provide the perfect complement to any decor be it the home front, business or corporate environment.


"Carmon Slater in a paragraph?  Impossible!  A true Renaissance man in the most contemporary sense!  Carmon is a thoughtful scientist, naturalist, and man of enormous talent in amazingly varied media.  He, of course, is internationally well known for his contemporary quilted wall hangings and floor cloths that hang and are walked on in homes and institutions worldwide.  Fewer people are aware of his innate talent for designing homes, interiors, gardens, furniture, window coverings, books, teaching materials, oil paintings….  His resumé is long and imposing.  Those who are lucky to know him well are astounded by his never-ending font of ideas for everything artistic and otherwise.  Following my relocation to Evergreen (thanks to him), he served brilliantly as my contractor; oversaw the subcontractors and redecoration of my home, completing it within a month; designed and built terracing and a pond; helped choose new furniture and art; and created many pieces of his own art, including some using my bird photography. Carmon is a wonderfully positive person and talented artist whose life and artistry has touched many.  I consider myself lucky to live nearby and to be able to enlist his services often."

Kay Niyo
Evergreen, CO



Carmon Slater
Winds Reach Studio

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