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Floor Canvases & Window Coverings

Floor canvases are all custom made to match your interiors. They are created on heavy duty artist-grade cotton canvas, painted with acrylic pigments, hemmed on all sides. These may be created in many sizes. Like any area rug, they are extremely durable when cared for properly. While they are created for the floor, many clients prefer to hang them on the walls!

Window coverings are also made of cotton canvas and many be ordered in a wide variety of sizes to meet your individual needs. Carmon often utilizes personal and professional imagery which reflects the occupations and interests of the individual client.

The window coverings have a stained glass effect - changing with the lighting situation. When backlit, a dramatic design will appear that may not be as evident when lit by room lights. When lit by interior lights, different patterns emerge.

Floor Cloths

"Primal Patterns"
22" x 30"

22" x 30"

59" x 79"

"fissures in the night sky"
80" x 89.5"

"Shadows of the Sky"
81" x 92"

"windmills in the sky"
41" x 38"

39" x 57"

60" x 83"

"La Tierra Nueva"
3' x 5'

Window Coverings

Chapel Panels

Chapel Panels

"North" (Golden Mesas)
Chapel Panels

"Pine Petroglyphs"
Custom Bedroom


Detail of curtain on left

"Hummingbird Petroglyphs"
Custom Dining Room



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